Install the CreepShield for Chrome Extension

The Internet is a dangerous place.
Your site doesn't have to be.

Protect your users with Facial Recognition searches for Registered Sex Offenders.

What is CreepShield?

CreepShield is an API service that allows you to easily scan your site's User profile photos against our constantly updated database of 475,000+ registered sex offenders.

Why Should Your Site use CreepShield?

Because Criminals have Aliases. CreepShield will deter predators from attempting to join your site and give you a better chance of blocking them before their account is approved, even if they use a fake name.

What is the CreepShield Security Badge?

This badge should be placed on your website to let users know that all profiles are being searched. Clicking the Badge takes users to a verification page that shows the service is actively keeping them safer. This badge also discourages Criminals from signing up because they will know there is a high likelihood they will be found out.

Do you save profile photos sent to you?

NO. We do not save any of the photos or the biometric data generated from them unless they are flagged by the system as a potential match. In this case you will be alerted immediately and the information will be available under your login.

How much does it cost?

API access packages are priced very affordably even for the smallest sites.

Want more information on the CreepShield API?

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