BBWDesire Review: The Easiest Way To Find Fake Profiles And Get Fake E-mails


 With so much experience in the dating sites domain, I’ve created some steps which I follow every time I try a new website, which will quickly reveal if it is good or not. Websites like BBWDesire are not worth using and in this article, I’m going to explain exactly why. Make sure you stick to the end of the article to find out every disadvantage that this dating platform provides.

First impression

Whether you like it or not, first impression always matters, no matter the niche. In this case, has a user-friendly homepage, with very few details that can distract you. The only things that you are going to see are some images of hot BBW women and a sign up form.

However, on the bottom of the page, you will also be able to observe some info pages which can save you a lot of time if you do happen to access them. What do I mean by that? terms of service mention something that almost all of the members hate, but we are going to cover that later.

The sign up form is not too explicit and is easy to complete, which isn’t a bad thing at all. After you’ve answered 4 questions, you will have to confirm your account through your e-mail. That’s it for the registering part. Once you’ve entered the website, you will have to complete your profile in order to make a good impression when someone visits it.

Normally, a person has almost no chance of picking up a girl if he doesn’t even have a profile picture. Here is when you will find out that BBWDesire is a scam. You will get a lot of messages from hot BBW girls even though you haven’t completed a single detail from your profile. Those girls are fake profiles used to attract you and to make you pay money.

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This website has got quite a lot of features, despite the fact that they are using a cheap method to lure more people.

However, those features are used just to cover up the fact that this website is a complete scam.

They have a search engine where you will be able to find people based on their location and age.

Moreover, they have an implemented algorithm that is going to help you to find your match easier.

It also has a message system where you will be able to talk to girls that contacted you or that seem to be compatible to you.

This does require a paid membership.

The list of features continues, but these are the ones which you are going to use the most if you still decide to stick with this site, although I do not recommend that.


Just like I told you earlier, its main disadvantage is the fake profiles.

If you aren’t the type of person to read the terms of service, which by the way, almost no one is, you will immediately be contacted by fake profiles or “ambassadors” (this is how they call them).

They have pictures of hot BBW girls, and you will receive a lot of messages even if you haven’t completed your profile.

Those messages will never stop and they will even send you e-mails.

Why are they doing that? Because when someone sees that a girl is interested in them, they will automatically want to reply to their messages.

The problem is that you can’t reply without a paid membership. This way, they attract a lot of members and earn a lot of money.

After you will pay for the membership, the fake profiles won’t respond to your messages.

On top of that, another thing which I consider a disadvantage is the fact that you can only select the opposite sex in the sign-up process.

These days, most of the dating websites don’t discriminate any sexual orientation.


BBWDesire has 4 options which you can choose from if you do want to buy a membership.

You can choose the 3 day trial for 8.91 dollars, if you do want to test out the platform before buying a longer subscription. A month costs 29.95 dollars, but you can get certain discounts if you buy either 3 or 6 months.

For the 3 month membership you will pay 49.95 dollars and for the 6 months membership 69.90 dollars.


Overall, BBWDesire is not a legit website and it has implemented a cheesy way to make more money off naïve people.

Even though it may seem attracting, you should not expect a lot of messages from hot girls and if you do get them, you have to remember that they are most likely just fake profiles made to steal your money.

As you can see, talking to bots isn’t cheap at all, that’s why I highly advise you to keep searching for a better option, which you can find on our main page.

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