Is Legit? This Is a Scam Alert Like Many Others

If you’ve ever been into online dating before, my guess is that you heard of a site called Craigslist which had a  personals section for everyday men and women. 

Back in the day, it was one of the most popular ways to set up a hookup in any given town just by using their website. With its disappearance, many websites tried to copy it and most of them failed.

CraigsHookup is one of those sites that only tried to copy the idea and title in order to get the media’s attention from sites like Mashable, CNN, TheGuardian or BBC, they just wanted to bring as many visitors as possible. Today, I want to share with you my honest review of CraigsHookUp and tell you about the secret behind it.

First Impression on Legitimacy

When you first enter the website, you might think that you have written the wrong URL or that the page is under construction. 

None of those are correct. The white background with a few words on it is actually the finished version of the CraigsHookup website.

Based on the design, this website really makes you feel like it had been built in a couple of days.  It is just unpleasant to see. 

No serious website would have such a homepage, which is the first sign that CraigsHookup is a bullshit website. Real Sites can be found in my other article where I review the New CraigsList Personals Alternatives, Check this out.

craigshookup site not legit

On the top, you are going to find the site’s name along with 3 words: W4M and Find members. I think that those should have been 2 buttons that would redirect you to find women and to find other members. In reality, there aren’t any buttons, just a few useless words.

 Under those, Craigs Hookup displays its rules. They are simple and very common among dating websites. 

It says that you should only click the following link only if you are at least 18 years old if you do understand that the link will contain adult content and that no credit card is required. Also, the websites tell you that you will be 100% safe while browsing it.

 Before getting to the big reveal, let me talk about the last part of this “complex” homepage. You will notice a few states from US and also some numbers. 

CraigsHookup wants you to think that those numbers correspond to the number of already registered people from that state. Basically, it encourages you to click the link.

Immediately after clicking the single link of the page, you will be redirected to another website. There is no fixed site that you will be redirected to, as it changes all the time.


The website has absolutely no features. However, according to the title, the rules displayed on the homepage and the redirected site, it should be an online dating platform. itself doesn’t do anything but promote whoever offers more money. The thing is, every one of these websites that you are getting redirected to is also a scam and you should definitely not register on it. 

Some of them even require to pay a membership before even trying the site out, there’s no free version of it, they only want your credit card in order to steal your money.


Firstly, as I’ve already told you, CraigsHookup is just a tool used by some people to make money. It is a website that promotes other sites by sending you directly to them. 

All of them will have bad intentions, meaning that you should leave as soon as possible. 

The fact that it redirects you to something else could even lead to leaks of information from your computer, so watch out.

Secondly, the sites look awful. This very simple design should raise a red flag the moment you see it. This does apply for any shady websites out there that are trying to take your money or your data.

Lastly, the bad part is that it had copied a part of a really popular web site’s name, which will, unfortunately, lure more uninformed people into this scam. 

Not everybody does do a little research before entering a website and this could lead to some very sad scenarios like this one, where people lose their money and have nothing to do but accept their fate. 


The terms of CraigsHookup say that it is free to use, but the site which you will get redirected to will ask for your credit card. This is not a test to see if you are 18 years old as they claim. It is just a method to steal your money, so don’t fall into this trap.


To conclude, there is no need to ask questions like: “Is Legit?”, because you already got your answer. It definitely isn’t, it is just a landing page that helps other small businesses scam people by using its name and popularity. 

The only way to avoid that kind of site is by doing a little research before accessing them. If you still want a hookup website that will actually get you laid, make sure you visit our main page.

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