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Have you ever felt that your love life is over and you will be alone forever? 

Worry no more because today, DoUWANTme will change that. It is  a dating site that has been helping people to find their true hookups for years , one of the oldest in the industry.

In this article, I’m going to review it and tell you about everything that this site offers to its users.

First Impression

As you know, the first impression matters a lot. Luckily, DoUWANTme is one of those websites that will surprise you even with its homepage.

It has a simple, but nice design at the same time. It isn’t overloaded with information or images, which makes it very responsive, no matter which link you are going to be clicking.

At the top, there is an image of a beautiful woman and next to her, a sign up form. The woman isn’t naked or in a sexual position. 

This is how a homepage of a legit dating website should look, without any offensive or sexual content.

At the bottom of the page, you will see some information about DoYouWANTme and a few links to the popular pages of the site.

The signup form is really easy to complete, there are 5 spaces you have to complete. You need to tell them your gender and sexual orientation, your age, your e-mail, your location, your postal code and you have to create a password. If you want to know how to make the perfect profile and stand outyou should check these tips.

In order to move forward, you will have to verify your e-mail so you can confirm your account. This whole process is free and should take about a minute.


 You can’t say that a dating website is good if it doesn’t have enough features that will make your life easier while searching for the one. 

Fortunately, DoUWANTme has a lot of them and you will definitely use them all.

 Searching for a match is where you will spend most of your time, so a good search tool is a must. 

Here, you will be able to filter a person’s gender, location, age and here comes the great part: photo quality. Yes, you can actually choose to view only the high resolution pictures. 

This will mean that the person which uploaded it really mean business and you can expect them to be active.

Another great way to find people is through chat rooms. Not every site has this, but is got you covered. Moreover, there are multiple types of chat rooms. 

You can select to view only the group chats from a certain city or based on the interests of the members like flirting, fantasies etc.  

If you do find someone that seems perfect for you but you don’t want to send him or her a message that would ruin everything, the site has a special feature for you. 

You can send winks in order for them to notice you. 

You can also view everyone that winked to you. Sometimes, using this method is better than sending an actual message.

If you’ve sent some messages to the persons that seemed like a match and you are waiting for answers, you can go to the Live Cams section so the time will pass faster. 

This is where women will strip or do kinky things depending on how much you are paying. 


Even if a dating site has a lot of features, you should never forget about its security. There is really no point of using something that will eventually lead to some weird or even dangerous scenarios. 

The internet is filled with creepy and bad intended people so you have to make sure you are safe. Because of the strict terms that DoUWANTme has, you aren’t going to find any of those. Their support team will take care of them as soon as possible.


Another benefit of the site is that it offers you a lot of ways to communicate with your match. You can talk to him/her via a group chat, you can wink at them or send them a private message. 

Most of the times, the dating websites will only offer the option to send a private message.

Even though it may not seem like an impressive characteristic, I think it is still important that DoUWANTme doesn’t require you to enter your credit card in order to confirm your age. 

This means that the website doesn’t have any hidden intentions like stealing your money.



To sum up, DoUWANTme is a great dating website when looking for either a quick hookup or a long-time relationship. 

It offers many functions that actually help you find and communicate with someone that you like. It has a live cams feature as well for the moments when you want to relax. 

Give it a chance and you will most likely love it. If not, you can say that you lost the amount of money that you pay for a drink.  If you want more similar hookup sites , check our top list.

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