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FuckBook Review: How Do We Get Our Fuck Partners?


If you are tired of finding fake online hookup websites that only want to steal your money, we have the perfect option for you. 

FuckBook is a platform that is going to allow you to talk and set up meetings with persons that are willing to have a relationship with you. 

That usually means a single night of love, but you never know. You might find your life partner using it. 

In this article, I want to do a FuckBook review, so you can understand its advantages in order to meet new people easily.

 Is FuckBook Real?

Our First Impression…

When accessing www.fuckbook.com for the first time, you are going to notice that it has a very simple homepage, with a pleasant design. 

Because of that, the site is very responsive, which is one of the key things when trying to chat with people online. You don’t want to spend hours while searching for the right person by waiting for the page to load.

In the background, you are going to see a naked girl and next to her a FuckBook sign up form. The registration seems very easy, as it only asks for your gender, the gender you are looking for, e-mail, username, and a FuckBook password.

One interesting thing that you will observe is the fact that you can register and look for couples. There are a few websites that allow this and I think it is a huge benefit.

 On the bottom of the page, you are going to find buttons for literally everything about the FuckBook online dating site. 

Those buttons can redirect you to pages like the Terms of the site, the Privacy, its blog and many more.

Once you’ve created an account (which is free), you will love the interface of it if you usually use Facebook, because it tried to copy its layout.

This isn’t a bad thing at all because the site will feel very familiar and you will get used to it in no time. After you’ve completed the form, you will only have to press the sign-in button on Fuckbook. 


Using Fuckbook.com for sex is pretty easy, as it provides enough features to find someone to hook up with as soon as possible. Let me tell you about the most important ones that this website has.

Firstly, the unique feature of the site is feed. A lot of popular social platform has it and it seems very successful. 

Fuckbook members can post pictures and videos of themselves here, so they can get noticed by others faster. Because Fuckbook is a hookup site, most of the content posted here will be sexual. Based on this, you can message the kinkiest and hottest persons registered on the website.

Secondly, Fuckbook obviously has a search tool. It isn’t too specific, as you can only filter out the gender, the location and the status of the people. 

The main reason for this is the feed feature. It will always reveal a person’s character. Moreover, this site isn’t for dating. 

You don’t need to know a woman’s life story in order to hook up with her.

Next up, Fuckbook has a cam website attached to it as well and you can use it when you are bored.

Another useful thing is the fact that you can get a “verified” badge on your profile just by completing a few easy steps. 

This way, the members will trust you more and you can expect more messages. You need to take a selfie in which you are going to hold a paper with your username and date written on it. 

Those images can’t be faked, so the website will know that it is really you.

Browsing on the Fuckbook’s profiles is simple because the site also has a “Matches” category, where you will be able to see all the women or men that you matched with. 

The toolbar on the left also shows the people that have visited your profile. This is a good chance of sending some DM’s to the persons that you like.


Fuckbook has multiple benefits that will make you choose it instead of other hookup websites. Let’s start this list with the security system that has, which is a crucial thing to have on that kind of sites. 

With so many creeps and weirdos out there, setting up a date in the real-life using the Internet can lead to some dangerous situation. However, Fuckbook has a very strict policy, which allows the support team to ban everyone which seems to have bad intentions.

Another relevant benefit for the website is the number of users that it has. There are millions of registered members from all around the globe, which means there is a big chance that someone from around you uses it. 

Is fuckbook a scam or is it a real website? According to its users, it is definitely a legit site that helped a ton of people to find their sex partner.

The support team is very active and serious and will respond to any of your questions in maximum of 24 hours. 

There is no Fuckbook app, but the site is updated to it will look perfect in any browser, including phones and tablets.


Luckily, Fuckbook is free and will offer you enough features without a membership. Moreover, it doesn’t require your credit card in order to confirm your age.

If you do want to use every feature, you are going to have to pay for a subscription. It is fairly cheap considering the number of benefits that it provides. 

The premium memberships cost 30 dollars per month. However, you can choose to get billed once every 90 days, when you will have to pay 45 dollars.


Overall, Fuckbook is a legit website where you can a hook up partner. Many people say that Fuckbook does work and has enough features and benefits to be one of the best in its niche.If you want more options , check out these hookup sites.

 Considering the fact that creating an account is free, you should not hesitate and actually visit it. Give it a try and see if it does suit your needs. 

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