FuckSwipe Review 2020 Scam or Legit?

What is FuckSwipe?

Many people are failing to talk to someone in real life nowadays and if you are one of those, I know the best way to avoid awkward situations like these is by trying to pick up a girl online. FuckSwipe is the perfect place to do just that because it has everything you want from an online dating platform. That’s why, today I will be doing a FuckSwipe review to help you create a better online journey in the dating world.

First impression

Fuckswipe.com will offer you a great experience, the first time you access fuckswipe you will know that it is a serious website. The very first tab that will pop up is with 3 important rules. Every dating platform should have those, and Fuckswipe will not let you access it if you don’t accept them. The rules are: you have to be discreet if you see someone you know, you have to respect all members and you always have to practice safe sex.

If you want to know more about the website’s rules, you can access the Terms page on the bottom of the page. Strict rules are always a bonus when you plan on staying on one of those websites. This will minimize the chance of getting into some weird and potentially dangerous scenarios. Under this button, you will also find the FuckSwipe login form, which you need to use if you already have an account.

In order to register, you are going to have to go through 4 easy steps, which will appear immediately after entering the website. Firstly, you need to tell the site if you are a man or a woman, so the algorithm will show the right matches. After that, you have to enter your birthday. You can’t register if you aren’t at least 18 years old, which is a common characteristic that dating websites always require. Coming up, you need to choose a username that will be displayed on your profile and a password that you will have to remember. Lastly, you have to enter your e-mail. That’s it! You now have a free account on FuckSwipe. This is where all the fun begins.


If the site already impressed you, wait till you see all the features that FuckSwipe has. Starting up, let’s talk about the search engine. This is an aspect that gets ignored too much in the online dating niche, even though it is one of the most important things. This will be your most used feature on any hookup site.  

Luckily, FuckSwipe paid special attention to it. You have 2 options for filtering your potential partners: a basic search where you can choose the gender, age, location and last activity and an advanced search which includes the marital status, body type and race in case you are looking for that kind of detail.

If those were not enough, you can also make your intention clear by selecting the kind of relationship you are searching for like a sugar baby, a casual encounter, a group dating or even a long time relationship.

Another interesting feature that is available for free accounts is the “Hottest Profiles” section. Here, you will be able to see the most viewed profiles for both men and women. If you are too lazy to search for hot persons by yourself, this is a very useful option.

Let me tell you about the huge advantages of a premium account as well. Let’s start with an interesting feature, especially for men. A paid membership will give you access to the Live Cam section, where hot girls and sometimes guys are willing to make you happy through the camera. If you want to take a break from the intense search of partners, this is a nice place to relax.

I think you already know that computers can do amazing things using mind-blowing algorithms and Smart Match Detection is one of those things. Just complete your profile with all of the required information and this feature will be able to find you the perfect matches. It is also based on your previous searches, so don’t treat the search procedure like a joke.

Along those, you will also gain access to the live chat instant messenger, you will be able to view and upload unlimited images, view the top searched members and also send and receive e-mails by buying a premium account.


Compared to many other dating websites, FuckSwipe has some particular advantages that will certainly make you fall in love with it.

One of the biggest benefits of FuckSwipe is the tremendous number of verified profiles: over 2 million. This makes meeting a new person from your city a very easy job. If you do happen to screw up while talking to someone, you shouldn’t worry too much about it. You can get over it and move on to the next match.

With so many verified profiles, this website makes it almost impossible to meet a person with bad intentions. The security of a dating website is the main thing that should determine if you should or should not use it. www.fuckswipe.com definitely did struggle so you can feel safe and protected while browsing it.  

Coming up, the people’s opinion matters, so you will be able to tell how this site helps the single persons just by reading some of its presentations and believe me, there are a lot. Almost all of the FuckSwipe reviews are positive, which means the website is highly appreciated by its community.

The pricing of this site is tempting, as it offers a ton of features and bonuses for a medium price, which I’m going to reveal in a moment. Many dating websites have been raising prices lately, because of the big number of people that started using them. I think that this is a bad habit, as profit shouldn’t be the owner’s main focus.


As for pricing, the most relevant thing I should probably mention is the cheap trial that is going to make you decide whether you will or will not stick with FuckSwipe. The trial will cost you about 3 dollars and it will last 3 days. If you don’t like it, you will not regret paying for it.

After, you can choose one between the 1 month, 3 months or 6 months memberships. You will be charged with $30 dollars for a month. However, you will be granted a discount if you buy a longer subscription. For example the 3 months package will cost you 85 dollars and the 6 months pack will cost you 120 dollars.


 To conclude, Fuckswipe is 100% legit, providing very interesting features for decent prices. Picking up a person is going to seem a piece of cake after discovering FuckSwipe. If you have any questions about this website, make sure you send them an e-mail at [email protected]

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