GetNaughty App Review: A Marketing Strategy Made To Steal Your Money


 Are you looking for a new hookup website where you can spend your time and find some hot girls? If the answer to this question is yes and you’ve accidentally come across the GetNaughty app , fear not, today I’m going to warn you about this site. 

I’ve reviewed many dating and hookup websites, and I found out that the scamming strategy that they use is very common in this niche. 

This is very wrong and a lot of naive people will fall for it. That’s exactly why you should search for some reviews before you want to pay a fee in order to use a website. 

First impression

The first time you access the GetNaughty website, you are going to notice that it has a nice layout, without too many images or too much info. 

However, if you’ve tried many other dating websites before, you are going to realize that this page format is stolen. 

The site is relatively new compared to others and I’ve seen this layout a long time ago somewhere else. The fact that the owners didn’t try to get creative for their homepage isn’t such a big deal, but I think this is worth mentioning.

The page consists of a picture of a beautiful woman, a signup form, 3 paragraphs of info and some useful buttons in case you want to know more about the website and its rules. 

The signup form has 5 easy questions that you have to answer in order to make an account. You need to enter your preferred gender (it does give you options if you are a homosexual), your age, e-mail, and password. GetNaughty does seem to track your location using your browser, that’s why the location form might already be filled.

The real meaning of GetNaughty is revealed in terms of use or after you register and use it for a few minutes. No one reads those, so it pretty easy to get scammed. But we will get to that later.


There are very few features that you can use if you haven’t paid for a membership. For example, you can use the search tool on the website, where you can find people based on some criteria like age, location, country and zip code. 

Moreover, you can add people to your friend’s list, where you will also see if they are online or not. The “my account” section gives you access to your uploaded photos.

The most useful features require a paid membership, which isn’t too cheap. Once you buy it, you will be able to send e-mails, watch live cams and chat with your friends.

As you can see, you can’t do anything that will help you set up a date without a paid membership.


Let’s talk about the biggest disadvantage of this website: the fake profiles. There isn’t anything more annoying on a dating page than getting lots and lots of messages in the first minutes on GetNaughty. 

In other circumstances, this would be an ideal case, but unfortunately, all of the messages come from bots, which are intentionally installed on the website. 

This is nothing more than a marketing technique, to get you to buy an expensive membership.

Yes, realizing that those profiles are fake may be easy for you, but there are some people that have no clue about it. 

They end up paying the membership and in the end, they get no replies. The easiest way to tell that these are bots is in their opening line. 

Horny girls that say that you have to fuck them from the first message are really hard to find. Right now, it is pretty clear that GetNaughty is just a scam website that only wants your money.

Just like I told you earlier, the GetNaughty dating site membership is very expensive. Considering the fact that the only things that it can provide are some fake messages, the price isn’t worth it at all.


The subscription costs about 30 dollars per month, but the site offers you a discount in case you are buying a longer membership. You can be a premium member for 3 months for about 60 dollars.


To conclude, GetNaughty isn’t a legit dating website and it will not bring you any benefits. In fact, it is using a method in order to attract you and to make you buy its membership. 

You will immediately figure out that spending time on it was a mistake. If you still want to use a verified website that will help you set up hookups, make sure you visit the homepage of my website.

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