LocalHump Review: The Suspicious Website That Has Nothing To Do With Humping


Every one of us has thought about or actually tried online dating before. Nobody wants to try a thing which they have no clue about, that is why they do a little research before. LocalHump is a dating website that you may have heard of before if you did any of the research. In this article, I’m going to do a LocalHump.com review and explain why you shouldn’t try it, as it will not provide any useful services.

First impression

The very first time you enter Local hump,  the homepage could actually make you think that it is a serious website, having a simple layout and good design. At the top of the page, there are some sexy pictures in the background, and a little box with some info, encouraging you to join the site. Also, there is a sign up button, which claims that registering on this website is free.

 Under those, there is a section called “Latest members”. It is supposed to display the latest profile created on the website that you can contact and maybe setup a date. The girls seem hot and almost all of their pictures are sexual.

At the end of the page, you will find 3 buttons which should redirect you to some pages with information about: Member Policy, Privacy policy and E-mail and anti-spam policy. Oddly enough, those buttons don’t do anything, which may confuse you at first. The big reveal is when you actually click on the images.


From the homepage, you can’t identify any feature that this site provides. The websites name, LocalHump, suggest that it is used for local hookups, which you can setup with women near you, by talking with them though the site. This is what a legit online dating platform should provide.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for Localhump. Immediately after clicking on the Sign up button or any of those “Latest members”, the website redirects you to another page, which has nothing to do with online dating. That’s why, most of the people assume that Localhump is a scam.

 The page that will show up is called Superchat Live, which is a live sex cams website. It has many categories, and you can actually view those for free. If you want to tip them, you need to buy some tokens that are going to cost real money.

This is why you are going to see many forum posts with questions like: Is Localhump.com legit? You got your answer now.


The first disadvantage identified is the misleading title. Although it is called Localhump, the website has nothing to do with that term. A sex cams website is definitely not the definition of online dating for most of the people, meaning that they will quit as soon as they will find out what Localhump really is.

 As you can see in the URL bar, the website doesn’t have a SSL certificate which means that your information could easily be collected by hackers. Moreover, the owner of the website is using some kind of software in order to hide their identity, which is another suspicious thing.

 As you know, many websites become popular because of the positive reviews that some people leave. The thing is, localhump.com has absolutely no serious reviews. You can find some posts about it on forums, where people claim that this website is a scam.  


From this point of view, the website is actually free. That is because there are absolutely no features to pay for. In my opinion, Localhump.com is just a 1 page website, that isn’t providing any useful characteristics.

If you do want to consider Localhump the sex cams website that it is redirecting you to, the only thing that you got to pay for are the tokens. Like I said earlier, you can use those tokens in order to tip your favorite girls or if you want them to do something special. 


Overall, Localhump.com is a website with a misleading title that will not help you in case you are looking for an online date. The site redirects you to a different site which has nothing to do with hookups. On top of that, the homepage is not secured, exposing you to a lot of risks by just accessing it. Basically, Localhump.com is just a way to promote a sex cams website and in my opinion, should definitely be taken down. If you really are interested in some quality online dating or hookup websites, make sure you take a look on our main page, it will definitely help you out. 

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