LonelyWifeHookup.com Review – Why it is NOT worth your time!

I am married with kids which means I am busy and I rarely have the opportunity to go on dates. I have long given up my marriage, since my husband is a chronic cheater and I am no longer sexually satisfied. I tried this website “LonelyWifeHookUp”. At first it was going well – until I noticed that it is all just a big scam. I can tell because my lying detector skill is the sharpest it has ever been, especially after dealing with a pathological liar for almost 2 decades now.

First Impression

The site is okay, it has lots of promising tools and options. But when you click one, it does not even live up to the title of the tab. It takes you to another website — Im guessing a website that actually offers that service. It is supposed to be user-friendly with its minimalistic approach to design, but nothing seemed to work at all.


I was most interested in the LonelyWife chat rooms and LonelyWife live video calls wherein they partner you with local users. However, it was not that accurate and there were users from across the globe. I am not a fan of the big time difference, it makes it difficult to interact and make instant connection. 


Well, there were promos and discounts for their VIP membership plans. However, the rest of my experiences considered, I don’t think I am comfortable to give out my credit card details. Maybe I can explore more of their features and see from there. I really want a special catch in the website that will make up for all the tabs that did not work.



TheLonelyWifeHookUp is okay, but it is just not for me. There were a lot of mishaps that I encountered. I want a website that is straight to the point, and is reliable and accurate 100% of the time. I want to see and experience my money’s worth. If you are also interested in the same, go check our website.


Is LonelyWifeHookUp.com a free website?

Yes , you can start out for free but the site is not worth your time. They have some paid plans also , but if its not worth for free , why would you pay for it?

Is LonelyWifeHookUp available in all countries?

Yes it is available in most of the countries , too bad the site has a very poor membership account, most of them are bots for sure.


How do I sign up for LonelyWifeHookup.com?

You just don’t , if you want some real sites, where you can find legit people to hookup with , you could look at our other reviews.

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