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Momsgetnaughty is one of the websites that men would find if they would want a fast hookup with a milf. Unfortunately, this website can’t provide that, because it is a scam. It uses a popular marketing method in order to mislead people, so they would buy a paid service. In this article, I’m going to do a short presentation of it and tell you exactly why you shouldn’t ever use it.

First impression

If you’ve read my recent article about the GetNaughty website, you will observe that both of them have the exact same page layout: the photo, the signup form, the exact same buttons, and info. Why is that? Because they are both owned by the same company, that also tries the same marketing strategy on any of their websites. 

They do have a lot of them, so you must spread the word. A lot of people are getting robbed and nothing seems to stop these guys. The company is called LDate LTD and you should avoid any site that is owned by them.

The signup form has got the same questions as well: which gender you prefer, what is your age, your e-mail, and your location. You will also have to create a password for your account, so you will only have to log in with that information the next time.


The only important features are blocked and the only way to access them is by buying a premium account. Some of those include sending e-mails, instant messages, winks and even adding someone as a friend.

The site also has the “promote me” feature, which will automatically suggest your matches. But guess what, you will not be able to send your matches a single message because you do not have a subscription.

 Overall, all of the features are so the website seems like a dating one when in reality. is nothing but a site used to steal money from naive people.


After you’ve registered, you will have to complete your profile. The first thing which should make you suspicious is the fact that you will get a lot of messages in a matter of minutes, even though you haven’t even uploaded a photo.

This has a really simple explanation: the owners of the website created fake profiles that automatically send you winks and naughty messages using advanced software. Moreover, the fact that you will get contacted by different profiles that have the same profile picture should raise another red flag.

 The whole process is a marketing method that is strictly invented to steal people’s money. The terms and conditions of this site are actually pretty funny if you want to check them.

Firstly, they state that they don’t create any fake profiles made just to encourage people to buy their membership. However, a little bit after that, they say that they do create those users, as a marketing strategy. I think this is both wrong and embarrassing for them. 

They can’t be sued or reported, because they admit they do create those fake profiles, so the only way to make them stop is by alerting people about this cheap scam method. 

Most of the people could instantly tell the difference between a real person and a bot, but there are some that just don’t get it.

As soon as they see that 10 girls just messaged them, they go buy the membership. After that, those milfs that contacted them just vanish.

 The worst part is that there are few to none real users that are actually looking for a hookup on the website, so you are paying for nothing. Watch out and always make sure you know where your money goes.


Even though they know they are doing a bad thing, they don’t mind taking a lot of money for this useless subscriptions. The good thing is that they at least offer you a trial membership, which consists of a 3-day premium account for about 3 dollars.

If you were “lucky” enough to buy that, I have good news for you. You only lost the amount of money that you usually spend on a bottle of water.

 If you did decide to go for a longer period subscription, you will be taxed 24.49 dollars for a month, 49 dollars for 3 months and 83.94 for 6 months.


Overall, as you can see, LDate LTD is trying to get as much money as possible, with so many websites that have those fake profiles implemented. I’m sure they will not stop right now, so my advice is to check the owner of the site next time. 

The bots marketing strategy works on many people, just because they get too excited once they see their profile attracts so many hot moms in such a short time. 

Even though this website doesn’t want to help you with your next hookup with beautiful milf, that doesn’t mean that that kind of site doesn’t exist. Check out the hookup category page on our website, where we always review the best and the worst online dating platforms.

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