Top Sites Like Doublelist? Get These Personals Alternatives Instead

Meeting people with similar interests online has been made ten times easier with personal ads. Whether you are looking for long term relationships, friends with benefits, casual hookups, or platonic relationships, all these are available with just a simple click of a link.

Have you heard about Doublelist ? It is an online platform that allows people with various interests to connect. In this double list review, we discuss more about the website and similar alternatives available. 

What is Personals?

The sites provides a safe space for people to express their sexuality and desires without judgment. It serves as a Craiglist replacement after it was closed down when the FOSTA Bill (Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017), was passed.

According to their official website, dating allows users to explore their sexual side fully. Since it is a somewhat newer site, you may not be quite familiar with it. 

The site works on the ideology where users post an ad, people view it, and those with interests reach out. This site is easy to navigate and use. Once you set up an account with DoubleList , you can immediately post personal ads and view what others have put up. 

There are numerous sites similar to available on the internet today. According to reviews, people who have tried these apps admit that they are better. A number of them are free to use. Nevertheless, some have premium packages that require a subscription payment.

Most of these sites don’t have any geographical restrictions. Users can, therefore, reach more people.

Which Alternative Websites Like Doublelist Are There?

SnapSext is older in the market as compared to Doublelist. It has a user-friendly interface making it easier to navigate. It mainly focuses on visual contents, i.e., video chats, live streams, selfies, etc.

The registration process is simple and easy. You have to be of legal age depending on the country or state you are in.

Registrants are usually asked a series of questions that narrow down their search.

SnapSext employs an incredible hotness voting system algorithm. This allows users to rate a person according to their opinion. Therefore, you can quickly filter out profiles to remain with suitable candidates.

You can also opt to see profiles of members who are online, thus making communication a straightforward thing. However, unlike personals, you can only chat with someone after paying a membership fee. This decreases the chance of meeting scammers and creepy people.

FapChat is a site that gives users access to liberated people. It is one of the most popular sites on Google Play Store. Generally, It has more male members.

The interface is simple to navigate, even for new registrants. It offers real-time chatting, including photo exchanges and live cam. Signing up is a quick process. 

There is a free account option, even though it has numerous limitations. To unlock unlimited features, you have to pay for the premium membership.

With FapChat, you can sign up and immediately filter out the people you would like to meet. ‘My Intimate Desires’ and ‘My Perfect Match’ are two examples of the sections you will find.

BeNaughty is among the few hookup sites with equal numbers of males and females. It has been on the internet for a very long time since 1998. 

Due to the seniority status, you can find many reviews about it online, unlike Doublelist reviews, which are minimal.Setting up an account is very straightforward. 

BeNaughty was created to satisfy different needs, such as platonic companionship, casual sex, or stable relationships. Despite all these possibilities, it is basically ranked as an adult social site.

BeNaughty allows users to scroll through profiles without opening them when using the free account. Female users can access premium features for free.

It has chat rooms and video chats option. One of its main advantages is the cybersex option. Once a user finds their perfect fit, open the webcam, voila they are ready to go.

girl, popa, volleyball

This particular alternative site is suitable for people looking for personal or casual encounters. The signing up process is in 5 easy steps. There is also a full webcam section where you can enjoy hot stuff shows. You can view your whole activity on the site from the ‘My Stuff’ section. Users can also review their experiences with various matches using voting and point algorithms.

FreeHookUpSearch online reviews reveal a lot of unsatisfied members with claims of fake profiles.

In LocalMilfHookUp, registration is a must before someone can use the site. There isn’t a free account option. You need to apply before chatting with someone. This is an excellent tactic that reduces scammers, chances of meeting a bot, or a weird person. 

Registration takes about 30 minutes. The process requires very specific information to increase your chances of meeting the right person sooner. Even though the membership fees are higher than other websites, I think it is 100% worth it. The site is more about casual sex and hookups. Having an account gives you access to an adult video gallery. Therefore, you can’t get bored quickly, even without a match. 

Is DoubleList Safe For Use?

Just like many other personal ads sites available, Doublelist has spam and scammers. However, the site is curbing this problem by allowing users to report any illegal or suspicious ad. Also, users are required to make an account using a phone number when signing in. This reduces loads of spam. 


Since the down issue has been a problem that many users complain of, people often end up asking, ‘is Doublelist legit?’ This question has put a negative mark on reviews. Regardless, the site has been up and running for over a year now. This pretty much validates its legitimacy. 


It is important to note that a Doublelist app doesn’t exist. 


If you are getting bored with the Doublelist website, there are undoubtedly several other exciting options you can try. There is no need to limit yourself. Explore widely. You never know where your next hookup will lead you too. Heck, it might even turn into a marriage. 

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