SnapCheat Review: Our Honest Opinion About It


Unfortunately, nowadays, many people are cheating their partners for different reasons. Because of that, there are a lot of websites that are currently trying to turn this into a business, by taking advantage of people’s silliness. In this article, I’m going to do a Snapchat review, which is one of those sites.

What is SnapCheat?

What is Snapcheat? This is a website dedicated to men that are looking for hot girls, who are willing to cheat their boyfriend just for them. Well, at least in theory. However, you will be able to detect that SnapCheat is a scam the first time you access it.

First Impression

The first thing you will notice is a blue background with a little image of a naked girl on it. It also claims that it can find cheating girls in your area that want to hook up with you. Under those, the site also warns you that Snap cheat is not a dating site and also displays a button. In the middle of the page, there is some information about the site.

In case you do want to find out more information about SnapCheat, you can click on one of the 3 buttons from the bottom: Contact, Terms, and Privacy.

That’s it! My advice is to always run from websites that have some elements that make you feel uncomfortable. In this case, I am talking about the design of the homepage.

After clicking on “Continue if you want to fuck” and answering some dumb questions, the website says that it had already found about 65 girls that want to cheat in your area. How could it possibly do that in such a short time, without giving it your location? The answer is pretty easy to guess: it didn’t, because Snapcheat is not legit.

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There is only one feature that this website claims to provide: that it will find cheating girls in your area. As I’ve mentioned earlier, this is a clearly fake characteristic. You will be able to tell that when the site redirects you to another random page on which you must enter your credit card so you can get access to Snapcheat.


When talking about disadvantages, we have a long list. Let’s begin with the most obvious ones. The design of the website seems to be made by a 5 years old child. It is just disturbing. Many people seem to hate complicated designs, but a very simple one is even worse.

Secondly, the site never seems to stop lying. I’ve already covered up the first lie a little bit earlier. claims they found those girls around you, it also says that the free signups are available for a limited amount of time which is also false, in order to pressure you to enter your credit card.

Talking about the credit card, there is absolutely no need of asking for that when Snap cheat claims to be free. If you look carefully, the site is telling you that it will give you a 2 day free trial to FreeLocalDates Gold membership. Therefore, it is pretty clear that Snapcheat is not real. It is just a tool to promote another website.

Lastly, if you do a little research, you are going to find out that all of Snapcheat’s reviews are negative. Everyone says the site’s horrible and some of them claim that it had stolen their money.


Snapcheat claims to be free, but once you answered the non-sense questions and end up on the “Enter your credit card” page, you are going to see what this website is about. If you enter your credit card and don’t cancel your trial membership in under 2 days, FreeLocalDays is going to withdraw 50 dollars per month from your bank account. This is a very popular method to scam people. Canceling the membership is almost impossible, so once you enter your credit card you should call your bank in order to freeze it. This way you will not lose any money.


Overall, Snapcheat is designed to promote another website and if you did happen to enter your credit card I highly suggest calling your bank in order to fix that out, just to make sure you are not going to get robbed. Moreover, even though it claims to be a hookup website, it doesn’t provide any features. If you have enough patience, you can visit normal dating websites in order to find a cheating girl to hook up with. Make sure you visit our homepage in order to find those better and legit options.

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