Snapsext Review: Going for the One Night Stand


If you are usually struggling to find a partner to have sex with, I have some good news for you. Snapsext is an online website that allows both men and women to search for persons that have one common interest: sex.

That’s why, in this article, I’m going to make a quick Snapsext review in order to help you get familiar with this awesome website.

First impression

You will love the moment you visit its homepage. Once you access it, you will see many profiles of girls (which usually contain a naked picture) which are already registered on the website. If you liked what you saw, it is time to sign up.

You are going to be asked 6 easy questions like your gender, your location, your e-mail, etc. You need to do that only one time because you will only have to log in onto Snapsext next time you access it.

After you responded to those questions, you will be able to see and search for other profiles. However, you will snap sext allows you to register fast, in order to get to the important part: completing your profile.

Even if you want to get laid as soon as possible, I have an advice for you: don’t skip this part.

When somebody visits your profile, chances are, they will exit it immediately if they see an empty one.

A fully completed profile will confer trust and seriousness, meaning that you will be one step closer to finding the right person.

The layout of the pages is simple so everybody can use this website, no matter the age.


Snapsext has a lot of useful features, which you will actually use compared to other dating websites. In my opinion, the Video Chat feature is one of the best on Snapsext. 


The fact that you can talk or even have cybersex using the webcam is great.

Next up, we’ve got the live girls feature. However, if you do want to use it, you will have to pay per watched minute. It is 100% worth it though. 

You will be able to see insanely hot girls naked in case you couldn’t find any girls interested in you.


The website has a page called “Galleries”. Here, you can check out member’s photographs and videos uploaded by them. 

This is a really good and fast way to find hot persons, as most of those are going to be sexual content.


Another essential characteristic is that you can see which members are online and their last activity on the website. 

It may not seem such a huge advantage, but it really does help you. This way, you can figure out who does and does not want to respond to your messages.

One very important feature of any dating website in the search section, and Snapsext offers you exactly what you need. 

You can search for people that are popular on the website, or for the newly registered ones. Moreover, you can search based on who viewed your profile, which is one of the easiest way to find a match. 

Most of the time, people who checked your profile before are probably interested in you.

The second option is the advanced search. This will come in handy whenever you want to look for both men and women and you have some strict criteria like their sexual preference, their gender, their age, their location, their appearance, their income, their profession, their compatibility and even their interest. 

Are you looking for a new experience like a foursome or you only want a one night stand? No problem, just click a button and start selecting the best matches.

Snapsext also had an app for Android and iPhone, but it was deactivated. The only way to use Snapsext right now is on their website. 


Many people ask me if Snapsext is a scam or a real website. A big benefit of the site which you will not see too often among the dating websites are the profiles. 

Almost all of them will be 100% real. However, if you do think someone is trying to catfish you, there is a really easy way to verify that. 

Just tell them to take a picture of themselves with a finger up or any kind of weird sign. That will reveal if they look like they claim. 

Also, the video chat feature is very useful in one of those situations.

 The website has a team that is constantly reviewing the reported profiles or the ones that look suspicious. 

If they find that they aren’t respecting the terms of use, they immediately disable that account.

The Snapsext reviews posted by different people online make you want to use this platform as well. Most of the people we’re able to find a partner here in just a few days. So the answer is yes, Snapsext is legit and safe. 


The prices of memberships are very attractive. You can register for free, so I highly suggest you do that. You don’t have anything to lose.

However, after browsing some profiles and finding the right matches, you will need a membership in order to message them. There are 2 types of paid membership: gold and silver.

Both of them have some nice offers, so depending on your needs, you can choose the one that fits you the best.

The silver membership will cost you 28.70$ dollars per month, but you will pay only 114.99$ dollars per year if you directly buy the 12-month membership.

On the other hand, the gold membership, which will unlock every feature, will cost you 40.21$ for a month and 137.99$ for a whole year.

Here is the good news: you can get a 2-day gold membership trial for only 11.46$, just to make sure you test everything out before investing in a membership.

This is an awesome offer, that will make you decide easier if you do want to use the website or not.


Overall, I highly encourage you to try Snapsext. It is a great website which will help you get laid as soon as possible.

The features and benefits of it are unique and much better than the rival websites. If you want more options to chose from , check out this article.

Just find a person you like and message them. If they don’t respond, move on and try another one. Patience is key here, but it is definitely worth it.

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