WellHello.com: Perfect for hookups and Dating

Want to know about a hookup site that does not beat around the bush and goes straight to business? I have been looking for an adult dating website for a while now and did not expect to come across something as good as this Wellhello dating site. I have used this site extensively before the lockdown, now that everything is getting back to normal slowly, I have decided why not spice up your life by doing a wellhello.com review? Read below to find out.


What is Wellhello?

It is an adult dating site, which has been established with the purpose to help strangers hook up with one another. It does not matter if you are single or in a relationship, you can have casual flings on this site. With modern technologies and the internet, there have been multiple dating apps and sites. But most of them are either scam or filled with bots. But what makes wellhello.com legit?

Right now, waiting has become a thing of the past. We do not need to wait to meet with someone at the bar. Those days of picking up people at the club are slowly becoming a thing of the past.

We can be sitting on our toilet, doing number two while picking up girls on Wellhello.com. This is the beauty of this site as it makes communicating and matching with beautiful girls very easy.


First Impression?


When I first started using this site, I had a doubt is wellhello real or not! But soon I understood it was not a scam, when I started scoring dates and hookups there.  

The first time I visited I immediately noticed the difference with others. This site does not have any over the top advertisement on their sign up page, unlike some other adult sites online. They keep it simple.

To use the site, you will need to create an account. Wellhello signin is pretty simple. All you need to do is just put your email, choose the gender you are and type in your password. You will need to confirm your age. Users below 18 are not allowed a wellhello login. Choose your age (it is good for you that you be honest about your age; do not try to be clever by typing in 18 while you are younger. has established this rule as per the law; it is for your safety that you do not sign up if you are not eligible).

After you sign up, they will ask you to choose the plan you want to proceed with. If you want to check the site before paying, you can that also. You can always upgrade your sites later.


You need to put in all the information about yourself, the type of person you like and much more. The more information you put in, the more attractive your profile will look and easier it is going to be for you to match with other persons.

After you sign up, you need to verify the email for your wellhello account, this is important as wellhello needs to make sure you are a real human being. Otherwise the probability of well hello scam users increases.


You will be able to see and check out other members’ profile pictures even if you do not have an upgraded membership. Communicating with them requires an upgraded membership.

-If you upgrade your membership, you will be able to view the private photos of users, you can then ask them for a dating opportunity if they are in your area.


-It is a great site for you if you are an open-minded couple. Because well hello allows you and your partner to sign up as a couple. You can sign up as a couple and have fun together there.

-Wellhello has its own well hello app. You can even use the service there too. The app is excellent and makes hooking up with strangers much more simple.

-You will be able to open your wellhello account for free, there is no mandatory option like without your credit card you will not be a wellhello member, etc. That is wrong. Well hello allows you to create an account, plus view pictures of members without even paying.  

-Communicating between members is very simple. First, you need to filter your search by location or age. You will be able to send any member unlimited messages if you upgrade your account. You can communicate with members and invite them to a wellhello hookup if they are near.



The pricing of Wellhello is very reasonable. You can get the option of unlimited messages if you upgrade your membership only for 1 dollar. Also, for unlimited access which is known as a well hello premium membership program, you can avail it only for 25 dollars for one month. If you want a 12-month program, it will cost you 89 dollars, around 7.5 dollars per month. The pricing for this site is very reasonable.




Finding the right hookup site is difficult. But Wellhello ticks most of the boxes which makes a good hookup site. I would recommend trying Wellhello at least for a month. Let us know what you think about wellhello.com in the comments below.


Is Well Hello a Dating app?

It depends on how you want to use it. If you are for hookups and NSA encounters it can  can be of great use. Also, if you want to date a person from Wellhello, that is also very much possible.


Is WellHello a Scam?

Well Hello is not a scam. If it was there would not be so many reviews about it and also this site would not be in business for so many years. Plus, they have real users who are looking to have fun just like you and me.

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