Xmeets: Unlimited Online Sex and Dating

We bet you have seen those hookup sites where they make it seem like to get laid all you need to is just sign up for their service. But we all can spot a scam from miles away. So, the question we ask is xmeets legit? Well, buckle up for this xmeets review where we talk about all the things which will tell you whether xmeets real or not.

What is Xmeets?

Most of us are familiar with the online dating scenario. Many websites cater to different demands. Some want sites where they can hook up with only people over 40 and other sites like Snapfuck.com where you get unlimited NSA encounters.

Xmeets is like the bridge to all of the sites. It has all the features to attract users who are looking for NSA encounters and also people who are looking to date seriously. It all depends on the mindset the person creates the Xmeets account.

To me, Xmeets is a place that makes online dating convenient. You can meet people of different races, cultures, and more according to the criteria you set up.

Most importantly online dating sites use fake profiles to increase their account count. Whereas xmeets profile is all verified so you will always be matching up with real human beings.

First Impression:

People say the first impression is the last. That is quite true, although it is not wise to judge a book by its cover, we as human beings are wired to judge by what we see.

When you first visit Xmeets, you will see this clean looking welcome page, which will ask your preference. You can see here I chose Man seeking Woman. Choose the option you want and then you will be able to continue.


Xmeets contains a lot of features that we find interesting and believe are great for their users. Some of them are:

-The website is very interactive. You will not get lost. Everything is clean and organized. There are good dating websites that function very poorly but Xmeets is both good and contains a highly effective website.

-The signing up process is very simple. The first thing you will need to do is select your preference like the above picture. After choosing your preference press the continue button. The next field will ask you to provide your username.

 Choose the username and it will ask you to find a strong password. Choose a password that will keep your account safe. After providing the password, all you will need to is provide your email.

A confirmation email will be sent to your email and you will need to activate your account.

-You can see tweets of other members on your homepage, which is a great way for you to know how a person thinks.

-You can see the recent chat history.

-You can watch live webcams.




-Does not require you to pay for signing up.
-No popup ads.
-Huge range of members allowing you the freedom of choosing who you like.
-All your information shared with and on the website is kept safe.


3 Day Trial: If you want to see how the premium version of this website is, choose the 3-day trial. You can do a short trial which is going to cost you around $2.97 per day. You will be able to view 10 profiles and send 10 messages.

6 Months: This deal will save you the most as it will cost you just about $11.65 for 6 months subscription. Allows you to view unlimited profiles and send unlimited messages.

3 Month: It is the silver membership that lasts for 3 months and will cost you around $16.65 per month.

1 Month: You can choose the monthly membership for $29.95, although it will cost you more monthly compared to Gold and Silver memberships.


Having NSA encounters and hookups is difficult especially during this pandemic. You can use Xmeets to exercise your dating muscles and have fun in the process too.



Is Xmeets a hack?

Xmeets is a legit site which you can verify by visiting this link.

Is there an Android app for Xmeets?

At the moment there is no app for xmeets, but you will be able to access the site from your mobile browser.

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