Yahoo Personals Dating Site Is Down For Ages! Find What Alternatives Do Work?

If you’ve ever used hookup websites back in the day, you’ve probably heard about Yahoo! Personals. I am saying that because unfortunately, it is no longer available. 

Yahoo! Personals was a dating site that allowed users to find and chat with single persons that wanted some kind of relationship. 

That’s why, in this article, we’re going to talk a little about it and give you an alternative to it

Was Yahoo Personals online dating working?

The short answer is yes. Along with, they were the most visited hookup websites. 

It was impossible to miss while you are on the internet.

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Most of the websites had a Yahoo! Personal Ad.  It was visited by thousands of people every day and by 2010, in only 1 month it had 4 million unique visitors.  

Yahoo! Personals helped you set up casual dates, or even build a relationship with a person. It promoted every sexual orientation by allowing everyone, including gay people, to make a profile and use the website. 

Yahoo! Personals was partially free, meaning that you could have searched for other people profile, but you couldn’t have chatted with them. 

For that, you needed to pay 20 dollars. Moreover, you needed a Yahoo account in order to sign up.

As soon as you logged in and entered the Yahoo! Personals homepage, you could’ve seen some recommended people for you. If you paid the membership, you could’ve talked to them right away by visiting their Yahoo! Personals profile. 

It was found in 1998 by the Yahoo company and it ended on July 21, 2010. Yahoo Personals allowed you to search and filter the profiles, depending on which relationship you’re looking for. 

Yahoo Personals wasn’t used for dating as much as it was used for hookups. It provided a lot of options in order to find the perfect match. 

Did Yahoo! Personals have good reviews?

Because it was such a popular website, many people appreciated it by giving it good reviews, which made it even bigger. 

Yahoo Personals was very easy to use, which was a great thing. Back then, not everyone was familiar with the computer like nowadays. 

That’s why you needed a simple page that would allow even middle-aged people to use it properly. People seemed to love the fact that you could’ve viewed profiles and get a little bit more familiar with the website without having to pay anything. 

Although you couldn’t send messages, the free option provided more than that. You could’ve check who visited your profile. 

This would lure people to instantly buy a membership in order to message those who visited their profiles

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Is there any alternatives to Yahoo! Personals Dating?

Overall, Yahoo! Personals (wiki info) was a great website, with a ton of users and options to choose from. Unfortunately, we have to move on from the past. 

If you are struggling with finding your true love or a hookup, and you want to try something new, I suggest you try these Yahoo & CraigsList Personals alternatives. Today, a very good and popular platform for that is Plenty of Fish.

The website may seem a little bit too “simple” at the beginning, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It is made like that so anyone can easily navigate it. 

Just because the pages are like that, it doesn’t mean it lacks features. It has literally everything you need. 

The website is free, but this can be both good and bad. Because of that, you will find a lot of creepy people that are looking for a date, so you must watch out. However, you can also buy a premium membership.

Making you profile takes about half an hour, so you don’t have anything to lose. Try it and good luck in finding what you are looking for!

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